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Welcome to Eat NAKED NI!

Who we are.

Eat NAKED NI is an online nutritional food store, focused on promoting the importance of healthy living through real, honest food.

Our meals are professionally prepared and cooked, locking in all the nutritional goodness your body needs to reach optimum performance. Using our online order system, our customers can order a weekly supply of nutritional meals, delivered by our trusted courier company. We also have the option of ‘local pick up’ in some areas.

Our menu is completely guilt-free, packed with flavour, and designed using locally sourced natural ingredients. All of our meals are made using whole foods. We do not use any additives or preservatives or processed foods. We have a variety of mouth-watering meals, catering for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free. We also have a complete nutritional/macro-nutrient breakdown of each meal on the menu to help you stay on the ‘beaten track’ of healthy choices.

A little of what we believe in…

Our philosophy is to live a healthy, active life.

Our aim is to provide an accessible and affordable service, promoting healthy life choices  through real, nutritious food. We aspire to change attitudes towards healthy eating by demonstrating, through our wide-ranging menu, that ‘clean eating’ is much more delicious and adventurous than the typical grilled chicken and steamed broccoli meal prep!

Eat good, feel good!

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How does it work? Simple…

You Pick Them

Select your meals from our delicious menu, you can select multiples of your favourite dishes. Feel free to add items to your basket from all ranges.

We Cook Them

Our meals are professionally prepared using locally sourced natural ingredients.

We Deliver Them

Despatched by courier straight to your door, throughout Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales using temperature control packaging.

You Enjoy Them

Our menu is completely guilt-free and packed with flavour, all you have to do is heat it up!

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